Feedback Exercise

Stop Start and Continue: a Helpful Feedback Exercise

Are you looking for a quick way to get feedback from your team? The Stop Start and Continue Feedback Exercise allows you to do just that– to get good, solid, meaningful feedback that you can immediately put to use to improve productivity and effectiveness.

To begin the feedback exercise, give each team member a piece of paper that has STOP START and CONTINUE on it. Next, challenge each member of your team to think about and record 3 things that you need to START. These are things that you are not currently doing but need to do. They will help increase productivity. They will help you better serve your customers and allow you to better communicate inside and outside of your organization.

Next, have everyone brainstorm and record 3 things that you need to STOP. These are things that are not working or have never worked, and you need to stop doing them immediately.

Finally, have your team write down 3 things that you need to CONTINUE. These are things that are working well. These are best practices that you’ll want to continue in the future.

When everyone is finished, gather the sheets and discuss as a group the results of your STOP START and CONTINUE feedback exercise.

Communications Challenge: Think about a situation where you need feedback from your team. And use the Stop Start and Continue exercise today!


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