7 Step Tool for Conflict Avoidance

7 Step Tool for Conflict Avoidance

In a recent communications training for Broward County, I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly O’Riain, a gentle-spirited man and Animal Care advocate. Kelly shared a Native American tool for conflict avoidance, called “7 Steps.”

Before engaging in conflict, ask yourself–

How will this affect me or my family in:

7 minutes

7 hours

7 days

7 weeks

7 months

7 years

7 decades

This simple tool reminds us to pick our battles wisely and to think about the long-term consequences of each engagement. The “7 Steps,” also allows us to take a step back or a mini time-out and avoid a knee-jerk reaction.

The next time you feel the urge to engage, take the “7 Step” challenge for conflict avoidance. You’ll do yourself, as well as your relationships, a huge favor.


Dr. Susanne Gaddis
The Communications Doctor

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